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Welcome to the new site...

I have links to current albums and I will definitely keep you posted on the new music that is on tha way.

#Salute to Uncle George Daniels...he called and told me that his store at Midway Airport was sold out of mine & Marqueal Jordan's 2010 cd release "Sounds Cool" we re-ordered copies for him to put on his shelves. If you are passing through Midway...make sure to stop by and check out the store and grab a 'physical' copy of "Sounds Cool" and/or Marqueal Jordan's 2013 debut "Catalyst". Both cds are worth it. 

Last week I did a live video stream with Marqueal Jordan at the new office space for The Soul Selector sure to check the link on the home page. 

I am looking forward to working with DJ World, B. Gorman & Jeff Da illest this summer teaching dj classes and workshops at the new Soul Selectors office space. The initial classes will be for the youth but we hope to expand our program and make classes available to anyone & everyone that might be interested. Stay tuned!!!

On my mixes page I have a slick house mix posted for your listening pleasure. I dejay...I enjoy all kinds of there is no declaration about what I do or do not spin...I gravitate towards any soulful kind of music but I play some of everything from any and all genres. I will be posting more mixes (house, hip hop, r&b, steppers, soul beats, etc. etc)

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