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Tha Afterset: Select Music Programming

by DJ I.N.C

Released 2006
Dusty DJ I.N.C
Released 2006
Dusty DJ I.N.C
This CD has an Acidjazz/Neo Soul Vibe to it...Hip Hop production along with Jazz Musicianship. A great listen.
Dusty Groove Liner Notes...

It’s been a long time coming for DJ Inc – and looking back, it seems like nearly a decade since we’ve been digging his grooves.

Way back in the 90s, the possibility of work like this coming from Chicago was almost unimaginable. The city had a great steppers scene, but it was often locked into more mechanical rhythms and stiffer, more electric instrumentation – often too programmed to be soulful enough to appeal to our ears, and sometimes drowning in the space between mainstream R&B and some of the weaker imports that were hitting these shores as the initial wave of Acid Jazz from London was dying down.

Enter DJ Inc, who sprung to the rescue with homegrown tracks that offered up the real sound that made the Windy City groove in the small hours – mellower jams than the house rhythms that Chicago was still strongly known for, and often filled with a nice dose of jazz that kept things interesting over the beats. The initial DJ Inc sound was a bit cold at times, but as years moved on he has really deepened Tha Afterset style – bringing in more acoustic saxophone to top off the keys and beats – and hitting just the right mix to evoke the sound of the steppers at their best.

This album’s easily the strongest DJ Inc effort to date, and has a simple, subtle quality that we really appreciate – one that doesn’t hit you over the head, and just kind of sneaks in under the door with a warmly soulful glow.

So, after all these years, and hearing a record like this, we’re left with one real question: Will Tha Afterset move to the main event? Sounds like they’re plenty ready by now!

Dusty Groove America