DJ I.N.C - DJ/Producer/Educator provides the independent, original music creation of DJ I.N.C. It also serves as a platform to provide mixes from DJ I.N.C 

"I like social harmony...and as a dejay, I am able to help people achieve and maintain social harmony in social settings/gatherings/events/and venues" 

The natural progression of a dejay is production because it pushes the boundaries of manipulating music in a a producer you get to create the music that you will eventually mix in your dj sets.

My music is cool and is blue water...majestic purple...bright orange...sunshine yellow...It can be jazzy & can be uptempo, mid tempo or conveys a feeling but it allows you to feel other things...My music is built for a pleasurable shared listening experience.  

My production is Music Station/Sample based and I work with and collaborate with World Class Musicians and artist based in the City of Chicago. 

I record and mix and master @ Studio2020 Chicago. I have been recording at Studio2020 and working with my great friend Sam for a long time. Sam and Marjon at Studio2020 Chicago are great professionals and very knowledgable engineers and studio scholars.  

Tha Afterset, Tha Afterset Sessions, & 4urlisteningpleasure are my album branded projects. It is a lot of great music to explore and there is still more to come. 


DJ I.N.C => Dejay/Producer/Teacher/Soul Selector

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